The Juliana Bird Photography Team

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Creative dream team

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Oh, hey. That’s me, Jules - with the camera. 

So you’re probably wondering how I got here…

I’ve been a nanny, a creative manager, a daughter, and a mother. I’ve been a barber, an English major, a missionary, and a wedding dress consultant. I’ve been married and divorced, taken advantage of, and tenderly loved. I’ve lived so many rich experiences that have culminated in who I am today as the founder of Juliana Bird Photography.

Truthfully, after 200+ weddings, it’s still my dream job. 

Each day, I wake up excited to do it all over again and to lead a team that is the very best at what we do. We want our passion and our commitment to excellence to be seen in everything we do, from our communication and organization to our commitment to furthering our skills. 

As your wedding photographer, I’m here to give you so much of me –

the same way you give me so much of you. 

As your wedding photographer, I’m here to give you so much of me –

the same way you give me so much of you. 

and this is Kalie

Associate Photographer

Right-hand Woman

Resident IG Reel Expert

Kalie (Kay-lee!) actually got started in photography after I (Juliana) was her wedding photographer. Wanting to learn the business of capturing love stories with creativity, Kalie began her work behind the scenes (and totally nailed it.) Truth be told, Kalie is a true artist and it wasn’t long before she began taking on weddings solo. She will knock your socks off as your wedding photographer.  

The thing to know about us…

We aren't your average joes over here. 

We’re hopelessly committed to being so much more than “just wedding photographers.” Sure, we are visual artists. We create romantic images to capture your most tender moments, but our passion for photography is more than just skin deep.

At our core, we are for and about people. We take the time to get to know both of you on a deep level - your quirks, your likes, and your personalities. And we create these super personal connections for the sole purpose of offering so much more than just photography.

Going well outside the bounds of “not my job”, we’re here to help you with planning, scheduling, coordination - all to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. 

Because truly‒ that’s as important to us as it is to you.