Your love isn’t cookie cutter. Your wedding pictures shouldn’t be either. 

No two love stories are exactly alike...

and that’s what we love about them.

Your love isn’t cookie cutter. Your wedding pictures shouldn’t be either. 

You’ve never been one for following all the rules. You’re down for doing things your own way - and that includes your wedding day. Because the biggest day of your life should be a true representation of love and self-expression. And you’ve got big plans for how that looks.

Now you just need a photographer you can trust to get the kinds of photos that will tell the story of the greatest time of your life. And we are here for it. 

You want a photographer who gets you. And we get that. 

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Call us crazy, but we don’t believe in transactional photography….

If you’ve been starting to feel like just another deposit, that’s not how we roll.  

At JBP, we actually want to…get to know YOU. (I know that feels different to you, but we don’t think it’s all that crazy! In fact - it’s necessary.) With every couple we serve, we want to bring to the table fresh and new ideas so that you get a custom-tailored experience for every stage of the process. 

You see, we’re just crazy enough to believe getting to know you is the best way to get some really good pictures. Because truly understanding who you are and how you love each other is the ONLY way we can capture all your beautiful, quirky, inspiring You-ness. 

We hold ourselves to a high level of excellence to be able to provide a special, boutique experience. Our couples want only the best of the best. It’s our job to give it to them. And sometimes that means breaking rules until they get a work of art as unique as their love for one another. Because when we work with you…we’re all in. 

So if you’re simply trying to check off the “photographer” box on your wedding to-do list, we’re not your thing (and that’s okay!) 

We’re not for everyone…and we kinda like it that way.

Having a photographer you feel truly comfortable with can lower your awkward pose index (API) by as much as 45%.

Your Custom-Tailored Boutique Experience Awaits

3 Super Simple Steps

We’re here to answer allll the questions. Let’s chat!


Get in touch

We’re passionate about capturing your truest self in your photos, so we’ve got a killer questionnaire we’re going to send you. We want to make sure that not only are you suuuuuper duper comfortable with us but also that we know how to capture all the goodness of you. 


Get comfortable

Time to relax and enjoy the day while we capture your unique love story through powerfully captivating images. We’re going to make magic together and have a hella good time doing it. 


Get it. Get it.

“Truly, we could not have asked for a wedding photographer who was more compassionate, understanding, fun, witty, and all-around amazing company!

Not only was Jules easy to work with, but she also made the entire experience so enjoyable. She doesn’t have you doing cheesy poses; she genuinely makes you laugh, ensuring that the photos reflect the emotion she’s trying to invoke. My husband and I loved our experience, from meeting her at a wedding expo to our engagement shoot with margaritas, and ending it with our wedding filled with laughs and witty one-liners from Jules and Kalie to keep us calm during the storm of emotion. Our guests were consistently complimenting them for their kindness, diligence, and artistic ability.” – Brianna K.

“Jules never ceases to amaze me. Her photos are amazing and her editing skills are to die for. 

– Zoe C. 

“The photographer for our wedding was the most important aspect to me of my wedding day and I truly loved Juliana’s style from the beginning. 

– Devan S.